Beer Styles

The­re are many ver­si­ons of beer style descrip­ti­ons - vir­tual­ly every beer com­pe­ti­ti­on has its own. The BJCP published its style gui­de as a basis of its home­brew com­pe­ti­ti­ons and for judge edu­ca­ti­on. The 2015 ver­si­on ist still actual.


Provisional Styles

Name BJCP Style Code
Catha­ri­na Sour 0 X4
New Zea­land Pilsner 0 X5

Standard American Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Ame­ri­can Light Lager 1 A
Ame­ri­can Lager 1 B
Cream Ale 1 C
Ame­ri­can Wheat Beer 1 D

International Lager

Name BJCP Style Code
Inter­na­tio­nal Pale Lager 2 A
Inter­na­tio­nal Amber Lager 2 B
Inter­na­tio­nal Dark Lager 2 C

Czech Lager

Name BJCP Style Code
Czech Pale Lager 3 A
Czech Pre­mi­um Pale Lager 3 B
Czech Amber Lager 3 C
Czech Dark Lager 3 D

Pale Malty European Lager

Name BJCP Style Code
Munich Hel­les 4 A
Fest­bier 4 B
Hel­les Bock 4 C

Pale Bitter European Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Ger­man Leichtbier 5 A
Kölsch 5 B
Ger­man Hel­les Exportbier 5 C
Ger­man Pils 5 D

Amber Malty European Lager

Name BJCP Style Code
Märzen 6 A
Rauch­bier 6 B
Dunk­les Bock 6 C

Amber Bitter European Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Vien­na Lager 7 A
Alt­bier 7 B
Pale Kel­ler­bier 7 C1
Amber Kel­ler­bier 7 C2

Dark European Lager

Name BJCP Style Code
Munich Dun­kel 8 A
Schwarz­bier 8 B

Strong European Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Dop­pel­bock 9 A
Eis­bock 9 B
Bal­tic Porter 9 C

German Wheat Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Weiss­bier 10 A
Dunk­les Weissbier 10 B
Wei­zen­bock 10 C

British Bitter

Name BJCP Style Code
Ordi­na­ry Bitter 11 A
Best Bit­ter 11 B
Strong Bit­ter 11 C

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Bri­tish Gol­den Ale 12 A
Aus­tra­li­an Spar­k­ling Ale 12 B
Eng­lish IPA 12 C

Brown British Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Dark Mild 13 A
Bri­tish Brown Ale 13 B
Eng­lish Porter 13 C

Scottish Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Scot­tish Light 14 A
Scot­tish Heavy 14 B
Scot­tish Export 14 C

Irish Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Irish Red Ale 15 A
Irish Stout 15 B
Irish Extra Stout 15 C

Dark British Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Sweet Stout 16 A
Oat­me­al Stout 16 B
Tro­pi­cal Stout 16 C
For­eign Extra Stout 16 D

Strong British Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Bri­tish Strong Ale 17 A
Bur­ton Ale 17 A1
Old Ale 17 B
Wee Hea­vy 17 C
Eng­lish Barleywine 17 D

Pale American Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Blon­de Ale 18 A
Ame­ri­can Pale Ale 18 B

Amber and Brown American Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Ame­ri­can Amber Ale 19 A
Cali­for­nia Common  19 B
Ame­ri­can Brown Ale 19 C

American Porter and Stout

Name BJCP Style Code
Ame­ri­can Porter 20 A
Ame­ri­can Stout 20 B
Impe­ri­al Stout 20 C


Name BJCP Style Code
Ame­ri­can IPA 21 A
Spe­cial­ty IPA 21 B
Spe­cial­ty IPA - Bel­gi­an IPA 21 B1
Spe­cial­ty IPA - Black IPA 21 B2
Spe­cial­ty IPA - Brown IPA 21 B3
Spe­cial­ty IPA - Red IPA 21 B4
Spe­cial­ty IPA - Rye IPA 21 B5
Spe­cial­ty IPA - White IPA 21 B6
Spe­cial­ty IPA - New Eng­land IPA - NEIPA 21 B7
Spe­cial­ty IPA – Brut IPA 21 B8

Strong American Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Dou­ble IPA 22 A
Ame­ri­can Strong Ale 22 B
Ame­ri­can Barleywine 22 C
Wheat­wi­ne 22 D

European Sour Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Ber­li­ner Weisse 23 A
Fland­ers Red Ale 23 B
Oud Bru­in 23 C
Lam­bic 23 D
Gueu­ze 23 E
Fruit Lam­bic 23 F

Belgian Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Wit­bier 24 A
Bel­gi­an Pale Ale 24 B
Biè­re de Garde 24 C

Strong Belgian Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Bel­gi­an Blond Ale 25 A
Sai­son 25 B
Bel­gi­an Gol­den Strong Ale 25 C

Trappist Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Trap­pist Single 26 A
Bel­gi­an Dubbel 26 B
Bel­gi­an Tripel 26 C
Bel­gi­an Dark Strong Ale 26 D

Historical Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Gose 27 A1
Ken­tu­cky Common 27 A2
Lich­ten­hai­ner 27 A3
Lon­don Brown Ale 27 A4
Piwo Grod­zis­kie 27 A5
Pre-Pro­hi­bi­ti­on Lager 27 A6
Pre-Pro­hi­bi­ti­on Porter 27 A7
Rog­gen­bier 27 A8
Sah­ti 27 A9

American Wild Ale

Name BJCP Style Code
Brett Beer 28 A
Mixed-Fer­men­ta­ti­on Sour Beer 28 B
Wild Spe­cial­ty Beer 28 C

Fruit Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Fruit Beer 29 A
Fruit and Spi­ce Beer 29 B
Spe­cial­ty Fruit Beer 29 C

Spiced Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Spi­ce, Herb, or Vege­ta­ble Beer 30 A
Autumn Sea­so­nal Beer 30 B
Win­ter Sea­so­nal Beer 30 C

Alternative Fermentables Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Alter­na­ti­ve Grain Beer 31 A
Alter­na­ti­ve Sugar Beer 31 B

Smoked Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Clas­sic Style Smo­ked Beer 32 A
Spe­cial­ty Smo­ked Beer 32 B

Wood Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Wood-Aged Beer 33 A
Spe­cial­ty Wood-Aged Beer 33 B

Specialty Beer

Name BJCP Style Code
Clo­ne Beer 34 A
Mixed-Style Beer 34 B
Expe­ri­men­tal Beer 34 C