Style Details

Ger­man Hel­les Exportbier
Pale Bit­ter Euro­pean Beer
BJCP Style Code
5 C
Light gold to deep gold. Clear. Per­sis­tent white head.
Low to medi­um hop aro­ma, typi­cal­ly flo­ral, spi­cy, or her­bal in cha­rac­ter. Mode­ra­te grai­ny-sweet malt aro­ma. Clean fer­men­ta­ti­on pro­fi­le. A slight sul­fu­ry note at the start that dis­si­pa­tes is not a fault, neither is a low back­ground note of DMS.
Neither grai­ny-sweet malt nor flo­ral, spi­cy, or her­bal hops domi­na­te, but both are in good balan­ce with a touch of mal­ty sweet­ness, pro­vi­ding a smooth yet cris­ply refres­hing beer. Balan­ce con­ti­nues through the finish and the hop bit­ter­ness lin­gers in after­tas­te (alt­hough some examp­les may finish slight­ly sweet). Clean fer­men­ta­ti­on cha­rac­ter. Some mine­ral cha­rac­ter might be noted from the water, alt­hough it usual­ly does not come across as an overt mine­ral­ly flavor.
Medi­um body, medi­um car­bo­na­ti­on. Smooth but crisp.
Over­all Impression
A pale, well-balan­ced, smooth Ger­man lager that is slight­ly stron­ger than the avera­ge beer with a mode­ra­te body and a mild, aro­ma­tic hop and malt character. 
Typi­cal Ingredients
Mine­ral­ly water with high levels of sul­fa­tes, car­bo­na­tes and chlo­ri­des, Ger­man or Czech noble hops, Pils­ner malt, Ger­man lager yeast. Newer com­mer­cial ver­si­ons can con­tain adjuncts and hop extract.
The Dort­mun­der style deve­lo­ped in the Dort­mund indus­tri­al regi­on in the 1870s in respon­se to pale Pils­ner-type beers, it beca­me very popu­lar after World War II but decli­ned in the 1970s. Other Export-class beers deve­lo­ped inde­pendent­ly, and reflec­ted a slight­ly stron­ger ver­si­on of exis­ting beers. The modern Ger­man style is typi­cal­ly 12-13 °P.
Some­ti­mes known as Dort­mun­der or Dort­mun­der Export. Bre­wed to a slight­ly hig­her start­ing gra­vi­ty than other light lagers, pro­vi­ding a firm mal­ty body and under­ly­ing mal­ti­ness to com­ple­ment the sul­fa­te-accen­tua­ted hop bit­ter­ness. The term “Export” is a beer strength descrip­tor under Ger­man bre­wing tra­di­ti­on, and is not strict­ly syn­ony­mous with the “Dort­mun­der” style; beer from other cities or regi­ons can be bre­wed to Export strength, and labe­led as such (even if not neces­s­a­ri­ly exported).
Com­mer­cial Examples
DAB Ori­gi­nal, Dort­mun­der Kro­nen, Dort­mun­der Uni­on Export, Flens­bur­ger Gold, Gor­don Biersch Gol­den Export, Gre­at Lakes Dort­mun­der Gold
Ori­gi­nal Gravity
1.048 - 1.056 SG
Final Gra­vi­ty
1.010 - 1.015 SG
4 - 7 SRM
4.0 - 6.0 %vol
20 - 30 IBU