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IDPro­fi­le NameCom­ment
IDPro­fi­le NameCom­ment

In your pro­fi­le you can pre­de­fi­ne seve­ral set­tings that will later be used in each of your new recipes.

In exis­ting recipes you can app­ly a pro­fi­le as well. Sim­ply sel­ect “App­ly Pro­fi­le” after sel­ec­ting your pro­fi­le in the recipes “Gene­ral” tab.

When you don’t crea­te a pro­fi­le, the pre­sets will be taken from a stan­dard pro­fi­le iden­ti­cal for all users.

If you crea­ted a pro­fi­le, this one is used as your default pro­fi­le. If you have more than one pro­fi­le, the first one is used. You can con­trol which one is the default pro­fi­le by che­cking the “Default Pro­fi­le” box of the respec­ti­ve profile.