Style Details

Inter­na­tio­nal Pale Lager
Inter­na­tio­nal Lager
BJCP Style Code
2 A
Pale straw to gold color. White, fro­thy head may not be long las­ting. Very clear.
Low to medi­um-low malt aro­ma, which can be grai­ny-mal­ty or slight­ly cor­ny-sweet. Hop aro­ma may ran­ge from very low to a medi­um, spi­cy or flo­ral hop pre­sence. While a clean fer­men­ta­ti­on pro­fi­le is gene­ral­ly most desi­ra­ble, low levels of yeast cha­rac­ter (such as a light apple frui­tin­ess) are not a fault. A light amount of DMS or corn aro­ma is not a fault.
Low to mode­ra­te levels of grai­ny-malt fla­vor, with a crisp, dry, well-atte­nu­a­ted finish. The grain cha­rac­ter can be some­what neu­tral, or show a light brea­dy-cra­ckery qua­li­ty or up to mode­ra­te cor­ny or mal­ty sweet­ness. Hop fla­vor ran­ges from none to medi­um levels, and often show­ing a flo­ral, spi­cy, or her­bal cha­rac­ter if detec­ted. Hop bit­ter­ness at medi­um-low to medi­um level. Balan­ce may vary from slight­ly mal­ty to slight­ly bit­ter, but is rela­tively clo­se to even. Neu­tral after­tas­te with light malt and some­ti­mes hop fla­vors. A light amount of DMS is not a fault.
Light to medi­um body. Modera­te­ly high to high­ly car­bo­na­ted. Can have a slight car­bo­nic bite on the tongue.
Over­all Impression
A high­ly-atte­nu­a­ted pale lager wit­hout strong fla­vors, typi­cal­ly well-balan­ced and high­ly car­bo­na­ted. Ser­ved cold, it is refres­hing and thirst-quenching.
Typi­cal Ingredients
Two- or six-row bar­ley. May use rice, corn, or sugar as adjuncts, or may be all malt.
In the United Sta­tes, deve­lo­ped as a pre­mi­um ver­si­on of the stan­dard Ame­ri­can lager, with a simi­lar histo­ry. Out­side the United Sta­tes, deve­lo­ped eit­her as an imi­ta­ti­on of Ame­ri­can style lagers, or as a more acces­si­ble (and often drier and less bit­ter) ver­si­on of a Pils­ner-type beer. Often hea­vi­ly mar­ke­ted and expor­ted by lar­ge indus­tri­al or mul­ti-natio­nal breweries.
Inter­na­tio­nal lagers tend to have fewer adjuncts than stan­dard Ame­ri­can lagers. They may be all-malt, alt­hough strong fla­vors are still a fault. A broad cate­go­ry of inter­na­tio­nal mass-mar­ket lagers ran­ging from up-sca­le Ame­ri­can lagers to the typi­cal “import” or “green bot­t­le” inter­na­tio­nal beers found in Ame­ri­ca and many export mar­kets. Often con­fu­sin­gly labe­led as a “Pils­ner.” Any skun­ki­ness in com­mer­cial beers from being light­s­truck in a green bot­t­le is a mis­hand­ling fault, not a cha­rac­te­ristic of the style.
Com­mer­cial Examples
Asahi Super Dry, Bir­ra Moret­ti, Coro­na Extra, Devils Back­bone Gold Leaf Lager, Full Sail Ses­si­on Pre­mi­um Lager, Hei­ne­ken, Red Stri­pe, Singha
Ori­gi­nal Gravity
1.042 - 1.050 SG
Final Gra­vi­ty
1.008 - 1.012 SG
2 - 6 SRM
4.0 - 6.0 %vol
18 - 25 IBU