Style Details

Tro­pi­cal Stout
Dark Bri­tish Beer
BJCP Style Code
16 C
Very deep brown to black in color. Cla­ri­ty usual­ly obscu­red by deep color (if not opaque, should be clear). Lar­ge tan to brown head with good retention.
Sweet­ness evi­dent, mode­ra­te to high inten­si­ty. Roas­ted grain aro­mas mode­ra­te to high, and can have cof­fee or cho­co­la­te notes. Frui­tin­ess medi­um to high. May have a molas­ses, lico­ri­ce, dried fruit, and/or vinous aro­ma­tics. Stron­ger ver­si­ons can have a subt­le clean aro­ma of alco­hol. Hop aro­ma low to none. Diace­tyl low to none.
Quite sweet with a smooth dark grain fla­vors, and res­trai­ned bit­ter­ness. Roas­ted grain and malt cha­rac­ter can be mode­ra­te to high with a smooth cof­fee or cho­co­la­te fla­vor, alt­hough the roast cha­rac­ter is mode­ra­ted in the balan­ce by the sweet finish. Mode­ra­te to high frui­ty esters. Can have a sweet, dark rum-like qua­li­ty. Litt­le to no hop fla­vor. Medi­um-low to no diacetyl.
Medi­um-full to full body, often with a smooth, cre­a­my cha­rac­ter. May give a warm­ing (but never hot) impres­si­on from alco­hol pre­sence. Mode­ra­te to modera­te­ly-high carbonation.
Over­all Impression
A very dark, sweet, frui­ty, modera­te­ly strong ale with smooth roasty fla­vors wit­hout a burnt harshness.
Typi­cal Ingredients
Simi­lar to a sweet stout, but with more gra­vi­ty. Pale and dark roas­ted malts and grains. Hops most­ly for bit­ter­ness. May use adjuncts and sugar to boost gra­vi­ty. Typi­cal­ly made with warm-fer­men­ted lager yeast.
Ori­gi­nal­ly high-gra­vi­ty stouts bre­wed for tro­pi­cal mar­kets, beca­me popu­lar and imi­ta­ted by local bre­wers often using local sug­ars and ingredients.
Sweet­ness levels can vary signi­fi­cant­ly. Sur­pri­sin­gly refres­hing in a hot climate.
Com­mer­cial Examples
ABC Extra Stout, Dra­gon Stout, Jamai­ca Stout, Lion Stout, Roy­al Extra Stout
Ori­gi­nal Gravity
1.056 - 1.075 SG
Final Gra­vi­ty
1.010 - 1.018 SG
30 - 40 SRM
5.0 - 8.0 %vol
30 - 50 IBU